Visioggettismo is a method of processing graphic art images created by Massimiliano “Macsinoman Black Arm” Belladonna, which is based on the making up of an imaginary figure through the fusion of elements, each of them meaning specific ideas.

Fiction character?

Visioggettismo takes inspiration from natural images and daily charachters, that are here re-played in a toyful way. How? By using things that belong to the semiotic sphere of the character, built up to form the anatomy of the figure itself. The images that come to life, element after element, like a group of material symbols, don’t talk by themselves; the visual-figurative text only produces an effect of the reality that has then to be interpreted.

[…] visioggettismo is the stage in which a fictional character reaches the essence of its passion, when it becomes one thing with the objects that are part of it, when it can represent love, effort and perseverance.